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Merry Christmas 2011 + Santa

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2011, 1:10 AM

First of all, a merry Christmas (and a happy new year ♥) to all of you !

Whether you celebrate Christmas in some way or not, we wish you a great and enjoyable day amidst your loved ones ♥ For some kind of online Christmas,
seven little bustling santas got together in this group to make little gifts for each other, so we'll update the journal with their gifts in the course of the day (and next day) - feel free to check back sometime after or inbetween your festivities ovob

SS: A little woolen ribbon by Tekuu SS 2011 Himi by chococustard SS - What ties us Together by AimaiLeafy Pinky Pink by Aikochibi SS: Celebration date by Kaitourose HnM Give me back my gingerbreadman SS by PinkPoink

Thank you very much for participating and making this a fun event yet again, everyone ♥♥♥

:iconaikochibi: :iconchococustard: :iconaimaileafy: :iconrue-foxclover: :iconkaitourose: :iconpinkpoink: :icontekuu:

Skin by Shinji-bpm

Secret Santa Event 2011 [Closed]

Mon Nov 7, 2011, 12:14 PM by Tekuu:icontekuu:
Thank you very much to those who decided to participate ovo/ Have fun being bustling santas for your fellow members >v<~

The temperatures start to drop, the wind is blowing a bit colder each day and and thick jackets and cute scarves slowly turn into a daily sight - yet Christmas is still far away. Still, there's the persisting rumour going on that in this very group little Secret Santas shall once again gather...What could their mission be? Maybe we'll find out soon enough--- Actually by request of one of the members, the "Secret Santa"-event returns in an almost traditional fashion to this group - thanks for the suggestion! ♥ If you want to participate in the Secret Santa event, just follow the steps provided below ♥ And might I add: I was personally very happy about the feedback in the poll since the group is rather inactive at the moment due to my hiatus ;_; So thanks for that, too ♥♥♥

:santa: Like last year (and the year before), here are the steps:

:star: You comment till 08.11.2011 below this journal or state “I want to be a Hi-mi-tsu Santa!”, and will be added to the list of people participating in this Secret Santa Event.

:star: Each participant has to write a “Dear Secret Santa…” journal, which states three themes they’d like to get for their Christmas (Himitsu no Mahou related would be nice, of course, but you can wish for whatever you want, this event is supposed to make YOU happy!) If you want to request unknown/rare/own characters, provide references ♥

:pointr: Santas will be randomly chosen – don’t say who’s your partner, it ruins the SECRET fun :santa:
The group will note you your partner’s username along with their “Dear Secret Santa…” journal on 09.11.2011.

:pointr: Start working after researching and picking one of your partner’s wishes! You are supposed to draw digitally or traditionally, but if you prefer to write – do so! Just make sure your partner is a happy Santa-child in the end ♥

:pointr:UPLOAD YOUR DEVIATION ON 24th / 25th of DECEMBER and submit it to the group - or, if it is not HnM-related, send the group a link to it! ♥ Everyone’s gifts will be on display in the journal.

…happy participating, everyone! ♥ :iconhnmbellplz:

:star: List of Santas [Participants]:.

:icontekuu: :santa: Tekuu's Wishlist
:iconaikochibi: :santa: Aikochibis's Wishlist
:iconchococustard: :santa: PokemonDaniel123's Wishlist
:iconaimaileafy: :santa: Green-najotake's Wishlist
:iconrue-foxclover: :santa: Rue-Foxclover's Wishlist
:iconkaitourose: :santa: Lovetodrawthings's Wishlist
:iconpinkpoink: :santa: PinkPoink's Wishlist

'Let music inspire you!'-contest: Result

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 15, 2011, 7:42 AM

It has been some time since the contest ended, and we're glad to finally present you the results of the "Let music inspire you!" contest!  ♥ We couldn't do the evaluation earlier because of an university exam-period, but now that that's over for now, we hope we have your attention! :la: So without further ado, here are the results.

:winner: 1st place goes to....
:iconretropiink: with Liebe heisst Shmerz by retropiink
This entry managed to grasp best what this contest was about - from the atmosphere to the well done integration of the lyrics into the artwork. Filled with a strong emotion and beautifully drawn, this entry wins 1st place! Congratulations! You won a 3-months Premium Membership + Mini Chibi Commission from Kiwikyun (just write her about it, she is informed) ♥

:winner: 2nd place goes to....
:iconhermyon: with HnM-Waking up to you by hermyon
The fullbody-poses in this entry are really nice to look at, and the artwork linked a scene based on the original with a song - which is always a good thing! The highlighted red parts even made a real sentence on their own, but the strong and different emotions of the two characters made this 2nd place. Congratulations! You won 1-month Premium Membership + Mini Chibi Commission from Kiwikyun (just write her about it, she is informed) ♥

:winner: 3rd place goes to....
:iconwinoa: with HnM- Illusion by Winoa
Having portrayed both the theme of "Illusion" and the song's mood in one artwork, this is our 3rd place. It has a very unique feel to it and visually appealing colours - and thus fought a tough battle with 2nd place! Congratulations! You won 1-month Premium Membership! ♥

Honorable and also awesome mentionings
Wings by chococustard I hope to Hell by AimaiLeafy

We thank everyone for their participation in this little contest and hope to see you again next time around! :la:
Enjoy your prizes and have a nice day! You can expect the memberships to be given on Thursday ♥

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Journal Entry: Sat May 14, 2011, 2:26 AM

You, the members of this group, decided you wanted to have a contest rather than a fun-event only,
but since there were also some who just wanted to have uncompetitive fun, this will hopefully appeal to all of you! ♥ We present you a small...

:new: Due to votings, the contest is delayed! The new deadline is 31th of May! :new:


:bulletgreen: :music: Contest: Let music inspire you! :music: :bulletgreen:


:bulletgreen: :music: :pointr: - What you have to do -

As the title suggests, you should find inspiration through a piece of music and draw an artwork related to "Himitsu no Mahou" for it.
If you prefer to write, you can do that as well of course.

We chose four songs and hope they can inspire you; however, they are to be seen as 'suggestions':
it's important that you feel inspired by music and are able to explain below the artwork what inspired you about it.
Choose one of these four, but if they don't manage to pick your interest - use other songs you pick yourself!
Your inspiration should be visible though and we'd also like a link to the music-piece ♥

:music: 'Tooi kono machi de' by Kaitani Naomi
:music: '5. März' by Megaherz
:music: 'Already over' by RED
:music: 'Illusion' by VNV Nation

We look forward to what your inspiration can create! :music:
You'll be judged on the way your inspiration shines through in the artwork / piece of literature, the comment below the deviation and the atmosphere.  The prizes will be given out no matter how many people participate!

Should there be more participants than we expected we'll adjust the prizes to it; in this case we'd do a journal-update to inform you of course. Admins of this group may enter, but cannot win.

:bulletblue: For references, please look in the group's  galleries…… and…
Specific sheets are slowly being updated here:…


:bulletgreen: :music: :pointr: - Tl;dr: A few rules -

:bulletred: you can enter as many times as you want; the artwork must be uploaded after 15th April 2011
:bulletred: the characters on the artwork must be Himitsu no Mahou characters
:bulletred: you don't have to be a member of this group to join the contest (but it's encouraged to watch for the duration of the contest)
:bulletred: Send the group a note to your entry (non-members) or upload the deviation to the gallery it belongs to (members)
:bulletred: You can pick a song yourself if ours don't inspire you, but you have to link to the song in your artist's comment

:bulletgreen: :music: :pointr: - Prizes -

:music: :pointr: 1st Place: 3-months Premium Membership + Mini Chibi Commission from Kiwikyun
:music: :pointr: 2nd Place: 1-month Premium Membership + Mini Chibi Commission from Kiwikyun
:music: :pointr: 3rd Place: 1-month Premium Membership


:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :new: The contest ends on 31th of May 2011 :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


:bulletgreen: :music: :pointr: - Entries -

Liebe heisst Shmerz by retropiink I hope to Hell by AimaiLeafy Wings by chococustard HnM- Illusion by Winoa HnM-Waking up to you by hermyon

...we hope you have fun and join this little contest! ♥

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We want your opinion!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 6, 2011, 3:31 AM

It has been some time since the last journal, so hello to you again!
It's April already and there hasn't been any group activity we could present you as a whole, so the question is...♥


:new::bulletgreen: Do you want an event just for fun, a contest to win something, a secret exchange again or something else? :bulletgreen::new:

Please vote in the poll… so we can get an answer or comment below the blog!
If you have any ideas, just bring them out, and if you have none, we hope to come up with something in the direction of your wish :la:
...and if you don't want activities at the moment, it's fine too! Just know you have the choice ♥


Aside from that, some good and bad news.

Bad news first: Our late Tempelwächter Sailor-Misty left deviantArt, so we are tempelwächterless again.
We still thank her for what she did for the group though and wish her a joyful life!

Good news is: after a looooong wait the two next chapters 08 and 09 are translated and uploadable, so you will get to
read a bit more, and even better for people like me who loves to get spoilers:


:new: :pointr: :bulletgreen: The Himitsu no Mahou Formspring!… :bulletgreen: :new: don't need an account to ask, so go ahead and ask whatever you want to know; with or without telling your name :la:
There are so far 24 responses of questions, and you can read a lot of interesting stuff there - or get to read stuff you want
to know, it's so easy!

Thansk for sticking to this group even though I am a bad admin and didn't update at all.
I am very sorry for that! I hope you can forgive me. Thanks for all uploads, comments and just giving a little thought to Himi! ♥

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